Population:  271,000

Capital:  Trowbridge

Largest cities:  Swindon (45,000), Salisbury (17,000)

Wikipedia:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiltshire

Urban / Rural Districts & Municipal / County Boroughs:
Amesbury RD
Bradford on Avon RD
Bradford on Avon UD
Calne RD
Calne MB
Chippenham MB
Chippenham RD
Cricklade and Wootton Bassett RD
Devizes RD
Devizes MB
Highworth RD
Malmesbury MB
Malmesbury RD
Marlborough RD
Marlborough MB
Melksham UD
Melksham RD
Mere RD
Old Swindon UD
Pewsey RD
Ramsbury RD
Salisbury RD
Salisbury MB
Swindon New Town UD
Tetbury RD
Tisbury RD
Trowbridge UD
Warminster RD
Warminster UD
Westbury UD
Westbury and Whorwellsdown RD
Wilton MB
Wilton RD